Moving House Last Minute

An expected move is a stressful time. But if you are moving house last minute it can catch you off-guard. Don’t play the if-I-only-had-more-time game – the trick is to focus on what is in your control. Setting priorities, getting organized and staying on track will make planning and executing your short notice move a happy one.

Skip The DIY Move

A DIY move can save you money, but to organize a successful one can take time you might not be able to spare. Vancouver movers know how to manage all aspects of your move and offer a combination of services that can ease the stress of moving house last minute.

Professional Vancouver Movers Can Help

Pick a moving day. Especially if you are moving in Vancouver in the summer, start calling Vancouver movers as soon as possible. Your options might be limited but it will be worth it in the long run knowing professional Vancouver movers are organizing your move.

Make The Most Of The Time You Have

Since your time is limited, budget for as many services that you can afford. For example, you might decide that you can handle the unpacking after moving into your new place, but the idea of packing everything up in two weeks makes you panic.

When getting rid of items after decluttering the house and garage, hire a removal service to save you countless trips to recycling depots, charities, and landfill sites. Or donate items to charities that will pick them up.

Most Vancouver movers have websites that include tips, tricks, and resources – print out a moving house checklist. It will give you an overview of everything that needs doing by moving day.

Create a personal weekly to-do list by priority and include deadlines. It will help you stay focused and identify areas where you’re behind schedule.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or accept it when it’s offered. Family and friends will be glad to give you a hand. Ten friends and family members can’t all fit into the bathroom or main bedroom – assign specific tasks such as Team 1 will help with the packing, Team 2 clears out the basement, Team 3 cleans the cupboards and rooms once they’re emptied. Make a “Helping Hands” schedule to make the most of their time and yours. When family and friends aren’t able to help with cleaning, consider hiring professional cleaners.

If you are self-packing, purchase boxes and moving supplies from the Vancouver movers you’ve hired. It will save you a huge amount of time running around to various places asking for boxes and finding the right sizes.

Declutter Room By room

Resist the temptation to start packing right away. You might be tempted to just dive in and start throwing everything into any boxes you have on hand. Declutter room by room and do it thoroughly. It will literally give you space to breathe. The added bonus is you’ll save money on packing boxes and materials because you’ll have less to pack.

Identifying And Packing Precious Items

Walk through the house and make a list of anything of value. Signed oil paintings, your grandmothers Hummel figurines, jewelry, vintage clothing, coin collection, heritage/antique furniture pieces are all examples of precious items that require careful packing techniques and special treatment.

If you are self-packing but want certain items packed professionally by your Vancouver mover, make a list for these items. Your moving consultant can also advise you on any valuable items and furniture pieces that require special crating or custom boxes.

If you have never had an appraisal of your valuable items done, do so now. They will need to be properly insured or documented before they are loaded into the moving truck.

All boxes should be clearly labeled. But when packing your own precious items, clearly mark each box “This Side Up” or “Fragile.”

Dismantle Furniture ASAP

Most Vancouver movers offer furniture disassembly and reassembly services for an additional fee. However, if these services aren’t in your budget, start dismantling the furniture pieces you won’t need as soon as possible.

Pack A First Night Survival Box

Pack a first night survival box for each member of the family – include personal items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries, towels, bedding/sleeping bag, changes of clothes, etc.

Use a separate plastic crate or sturdy box for general items you’ll need such as a kettle, first aid kit, cleaning supplies, etc.

Need A Moving Company?

If you need a professional moving company to handle the move, please contact Real Pro Movers – profeessional moving company providing both local and long distance moving services across Alberta and British columbia.

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