Moving Tips

How To Pack Jewelry For You Move

Most Vancouver movers don’t include jewelry in the household items they agree to move for you. Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, the best way to transport your jewelry collection is to take it with you. Even if you’re moving within Vancouver city limits, it can be especially worrying if you own high-end jewelry. …

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DIY Moving

As one of the top Vancouver movers, we’ve seen it all – from the uber-organized to boxes crammed to the brim. If you are planning a do-it-yourself move, Real Pro Movers can help you with any supplies you need and tips for DIY moving that’s smooth going from start to finish. Sell, Donate, And Throw …

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Moving House Last Minute

An expected move is a stressful time. But if you are moving house last minute it can catch you off-guard. Don’t play the if-I-only-had-more-time game – the trick is to focus on what is in your control. Setting priorities, getting organized and staying on track will make planning and executing your short notice move a …

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Moving plants by moving company

Moving With Plants

Plants can be picky. Even a move from one room to another can stress a plant, causing it to lose its lustre, drop its leaves or stop growing. Most Vancouver movers won’t agree to move plants even for short distance moves because of their fragility and low odds of survival. Some Vancouver movers will transport …

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Moving Pet in Alberta and British Columbia

Moving With Pets

Moving house is a stressful time for humans. But it can also have some negative effects on your furry friends. Cats and dogs can sense when “something’s up” and often become stressed or anxious. Here are some tips and tricks for moving with pets so that they are comfortable, safe and happy on moving day. …

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Moving Out Of Condo

When moving out of a condo or an apartment, it can often seem more complicated than moving out of a house. To help you accomplish a successful condominium move, Real Pro Movers breaks it down into stages so you can create your own customized timeline. Two Months Before Choose a Vancouver moving company that specializes …

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Office Moving

Moving a business can be daunting. Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, or relocating, an office move can quickly deteriorate from an exciting adventure to a living nightmare. Planning well in advance, hiring professional Vancouver movers, and expecting the unexpected are ways to make relocation practically headache-free from beginning to end. Have A Detailed Plan To give …

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Moving And Packing

At some point in our lives, almost everyone faces a residential move. Whether you’ve decided Real Pro Movers will do everything for you or you’ll do your own packing and we’ll do the moving, here are some tips about moving and packing that might help save you time, money, and a lot of stress. Get …

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Moving Checklist

Much of the stress of moving house can be significantly reduced by getting organized. Real Pro Movers are here to help with anything you need for your household move. It’s never too early to start planning – use our moving checklist to help you prepare for a successful move. 8 Weeks Before Moving Day Pick …

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