How To Pack Jewelry Before You Move

Most Vancouver movers don’t include jewelry in the household items they agree to move for you. Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, the best way to transport your jewelry collection is to take it with you. Even if you’re moving within Vancouver city limits, it can be especially worrying if you own high-end jewelry. Here are a few moving tips on how to pack your precious jewelry pieces for a worry-free move.

Sorting Your Jewelry

Before sorting pieces in preparation for packing, take some time to go through your jewelry collection, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. Weed out any items you no longer wear or like, are too worn to be repaired, and don’t have any sentimental value.

Since each type of jewelry requires specific packing methods and materials, it’s easier and quicker to pack them if they have first been sorted into groups. Choose a flat surface such as a table, a bed or the floor. Place clean sheets of packing paper (not newspaper – it can leave marks) on the surface. Put the jewelry on the paper. Then arrange them by type – all the rings together, bracelets in one place, etc.

Packingin Materials To Pack Jewelry

To avoid your cherished jewelry becoming scratched, damaged, or irreparably tangled, using the proper packing materials and packing methods are essential to keeping your jewelry pieces protected on your Vancouver moving day.

Paper for packing: Soft packing paper, tissues (Kleenex), white tissue paper cushions items inside containers.
Bubble wrap: This packing material offers the best protection for fragile items.
Shrink wrap: Shrink wrap applied to the outside of containers keeps jewelry pieces from shifting in transit. It’s also excellent for bundling wrapped-up packages together.
Sealable plastic bags: Use plastic bags for small items.
Straws: Threading the chains of necklaces through drinking straws prevents them from becoming tangled.
Cardboard cutouts: Cut cardboard into rectangles or squares and attach pairs of earrings to prevent being lost or tangled.
Compartmentalized containers: Containers with compartments such as egg cartons and 7-day pill organizers are ideal for packing rings and earrings.

Use what You already Have

If you own a jewelry box, items can remain inside but packed in such a way to minimize damage. For example, wrap necklaces individually to eliminate risk of tangling. A jewelry armoire, however, should be emptied, prepared to be loaded into the moving truck like any other piece of furniture, and its contents packed separately.

Make use of any travel jewelry cases or jewelry rolls you already own.

If you have items in their original boxes, pack them together in a larger box supplemented with packing paper or bubble wrap.


Necklaces and Bracelets

Thread chain necklaces through a straw and clasp it. Trim the straw to the length you need. For more elaborate necklaces, thread them through a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll to keep them separate. Wrap each piece in tissue for added protection.

For decorative necklaces that can’t be threaded through a straw or roll, roll them up in a towel or layers of soft packing paper/white tissue paper.

For bracelets without clasps, wrap them in soft packing paper and then place them in a box/padded envelope/sealable plastic bag.


You want to pack earrings carefully since they can be the most fragile items in a jewelry collection. Since they are typically small in size, they are in danger of becoming misplaced. Long, dangly style earrings are susceptible to damage, too; they can easily be tangled or scratched.

To store earrings on a cardboard cutout, first poke holes in the cardboard with a pin or tack. Slide the hook or stud into the hole. Secure the stud. Wrap each card in shrink wrap or plastic wrap. Place bundles in a container such as a padded envelope, small box, etc.

To pack earrings in an egg carton or pill organizer, place each pair in its own compartment. Wrap the entire container with enough layers of packing paper or bubble wrap to guard against being crushed or shaken if dropped or jostled.


When using egg cartons to transport your jewelry to your new Vancouver home, ensure the carton is clean and sturdy. Before placing a ring into its own cup, wrap it in soft packing material. You can place more than one item in each cup, but wrap it first to prevent scratches.

Hard shell containers such as an eyeglasses case also work well for rings and earrings. The same rule applies – wrap each ring or pair of earrings separately before putting them in the container.

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