moving antiques and fragile items

Moving Antiques And Fragile Items

No matter how positive the reason for moving, leaving behind the place you called home is difficult enough. But upon arriving at your new place, everything can be made worse in an instant if an item of particular value arrives broken or damaged. When it’s time to move, special care and attention need to be given to collectibles, antiques, and other fragile items not easily replaced.

Do Your Own Assignement

A vintage postcard collection will be handled differently from a rare Doulton figurine. Professional Vancouver movers will consult with you to decide how to pack each item for maximum protection while in transit.

If you’re self-packing, do your own assessment. Examine each piece in the light of logistics – will a priceless statuette be secure enough in bubble wrap and a sturdy box; can the tall chifferobe be maneuvered down the stairs; should the intricate hardware on the dining room sideboard be removed?

After taking inventory, you might conclude that you can manage the packing of all of the antiques except for the console cabinet with glass doors. Real Pro Movers Vancouver would be happy to help with any custom crating you require.

Determine Packing Materials You’ll Need

Assessing your collection will help you determine the kinds of packing materials and any type of Vancouver movers custom crating you might need. Different types of fragile items
require different packing methods. Depending on age and condition, dishes and glassware could be easily packed using sturdy boxes with adjustable dividers and a combination of china paper and newspaper. Some of your collectibles and antiques might require custom boxes or custom crating to fully protect the larger sized antique items and furniture pieces.
Valuable figurines will most likely need bubble wrap and foam chips; perhaps even a figurine box.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

Care and consideration are required when preparing antiques, collectibles and fragile items for transport. When packing antiques and fragile items, it would be a mistake to not give them the attention they deserve. Give yourself plenty of time to pack the contents of the china cabinet; properly box up the rare stamp collection; and order custom crating for the French Provence armoire. Rushing leads to mistakes that can cause irreparable damage.

How To Pack Specifice Kinds Of Items

To pack specific kinds of items, you will need to take into account the type of packing material to use, the type of container, and the method of securing the item(s) inside the container. Make sure all containers and packaging are labeled clearly – use up arrows and “Handle with Care” and “Fragile.” For antiques and collectibles packed into boxes reinforce the outside of the cardboard box with shrink wrap. Here are some examples of how to pack specific kinds of items.

Need A Moving Company?

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