Moving Out Of Condo

When moving out of a condo or an apartment, it can often seem more complicated than moving out of a house. To help you accomplish a successful condominium move, Real Pro Movers breaks it down into stages so you can create your own customized timeline.

Two Months Before

Choose a Vancouver moving company that specializes in condo moves. Decide on a date.

Inform the condominium building management when you’ll be moving. Discuss any pertinent fees and other special instructions you’ll need to follow; notify your Vancouver movers.

Reserve the elevator and arrange for a parking space for the moving truck as close to your condo as possible for up to 4 hours.

Create a portable file or moving binder to keep receipts and important documents in one place.

De-clutter room by room. Give away, sell or discard any belongings you no longer want or use.

Fill out the applicable forms with Canada Post to have your mail forwarded.

Decide on who will do the packing. Self-packing saves money and allows you to pack on your own time. But letting professional Vancouver movers do the packing for you can be less stressful because.

If self-packing, decide on what you’ll do about boxes – collect your own, buy cardboard boxes, or rent plastic boxes.

Six Weeks Before

If you have a designated locker, clear it out.

Call your insurance agent to transfer existing coverage or to arrange new coverage.

In order for high-value items to be insured, their monetary value will need to be verified by a qualified appraiser before moving day.

Send out items making the move for cleaning and/or repair such as carpets, drapes, and dining chairs.

One Month Before

Start packing. Begin packing out-of-season clothing, books, movie and music collections, kitchen items and appliances not used daily, occasionally or only on holidays. After boxes are packed label them clearly with the room it’s for and a short list of the main items it contains. Plan for two labels per box – apply one to the top and the other on the side.

  • Schedule disconnect and connection dates for utilities and services for your old house and new home.
  • Find new homes for the plants that won’t be traveling with you.
  • Inform your bank, insurance companies, credit card companies, health care professionals, employers etc. of your new address.
  • Return borrowed items; collect items you’ve lent out.
  • If you need to confer with a lawyer regarding any paperwork, schedule an appointment.

Two to Three Weeks Before

Make arrangements to take the day off.

Confirm elevator reservation – check that condo management received any required damage deposit and other fees so that everything runs smoothly the morning of moving day.

Check with your Vancouver mover that they have the correct address and specific directions to both your current home and the new place.

One Week Before

Set aside one or two boxes for items that you’ll be using until moving day such as an alarm clock, sheets, toothbrush, cleaning supplies, etc.

Start cleaning as soon as the majority of your belongings have been packed.

Get the hydro/gas meters read at your current home and pay up these and any other outstanding accounts

Label items you need to access easily so they can be loaded last on the moving truck.

On closing day arrange a time to pick up keys from your lawyer.

Day Before

Find out in advance how your Vancouver movers accept payment; make arrangements.

Pack a first night box for each family member.

Empty the fridge and unplug it. If it’s moving with you, it should be completely dried out before being loaded into the moving truck. Clean the stove and unplug it.

Arrange boxes to be loaded on moving truck in the closest room to the entry door. Store boxes you’ll be taking with you in a different room.

On Moving Day

Pack up any last-minute items into those final few boxes you’ve kept on hand just for that purpose.

Be on hand for the movers to answer questions, give special instructions, or troubleshoot a problem.

Read the Vancouver company’s bill of lading and inventory list carefully before signing and keep them with you in your moving file or moving binder.

Go through the condo room by room to check for anything left behind.

Surrender house keys.

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